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Attention don't play
with HYIPs ,some guys run away with your money.Think you, why if somebody have a money machine share it with you?

2. Minimum Capital for winner
traders is :
>1000$     for micro account
>10000$   for mini  account
>100000$ for standard account
follow the above rule as first step
on forex.

3. Autotrading test:
Good news, MT4 run on  linux wine (windows emulator).
Bad news MT5 & Strategy Trader don't run on linux wine.
ST haven't full class chart and examples for fast training with C#.

MT5 use C++ and is not compatible with mql4.The result is all the job of
mql4 programers (indicators, advisors, libraries) go to garbage.

My opinion is that MT4 is the best platform in forex market and the MQL4 is good in use for C++ and other programers, but as any good thing does not remain forever.
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What Is